25 thoughts on “RADAMEL FALCAO | Colombia | Road to World Cup 2014 Brazil – Ep. 3 (HD)

  1. Sorry for all the reuploads but YouTube are going mega serious about music
    used in videos, and it’s affecting YouTube as a whole. I am going to only
    reupload a few videos though and then I will resume uploading new content.

  2. Hello all! I will be reuploading a few videos over the comings days since
    they are being blocked due to the audio on the videos. So expect some old
    videos to be reuploaded with new songs! – SN

  3. L unico giocatore che per caratteristiche puo’ avvicinarsi a Ibra
    Sia fisicamente che come tecnica..interessante questo Falcao

  4. I feel bad he did all that work to get to the world cup and now he going to
    miss out on it :/

  5. Animo Falcao! Remember Roberto Baggio, who in 2002 injured his ACL and
    recover in 77 days only!

  6. lastima que por ser tan bueno lo quisieron lesionar cuando iba a hacer un
    golazo y ni sacaron roja ni tampoco fue penalti.

  7. it pains me to see that Falcao won’t be in the world cup. I was super
    excited to see him play but, he backed out as he wasn’t fit enough in time.
    hope he gets a speedy recovery

  8. mexicanos creyéndose potencia en el fútbol cuando pertenecen a la CONCACAF
    en 3..2…1….

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