25 thoughts on “Neymar | Skills, Goals, Passes | Brazil | 1080p HD

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    World Cup 2014 | Skills, Goals, Emotions | #1 Week | 1080p HD

  2. I want Chile to make Neymar bleed and all of Brazil cry their eyes out
    today. Go Chile! Me cago en Brazil, una nacion llena de changos.

  3. You deserve to be youtube famous! or even better give the highlights for

  4. Neymar is fantastic he just needs to get that diving shit under control

  5. Most Brazilians are upset over the Brazilian Government spending millions
    on the world cup rather its own people, has human sport and competition
    thrown our attention and misguided us from what’s purposeful and what’s
    What are your thoughts؟؟؟ (>‿◠)✌

  6. You are definately the best editor on youtube. Very nice video once again!

  7. Please check out my piano covers of the anthems of the teams in the World
    Cup! So far I have uploaded Group A! :)

  8. I’m glad Neymar wasn’t in the team when Brazil got smashed. He didn’t
    deserve it – he wasn’t a spud like the rest of them.

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