25 thoughts on “Neymar 2013 | Goals, Skills & Passes | Brazil | (Part 1) | HD

  1. neymar plays like 3x better for brazil than barcelona. this is because he
    feels uncomfortable playing for barcelona. he feels forced to play one
    touch football and cant use his skills to full potential. he is excellent
    at skills, and that bullshit that he cant do his stuff on european
    defenders is complete lies. watch him in the world cup

  2. thank you Neymar for your passion of the game and inspiring millions. Sorry
    about your team. As long as you are alive, football is alive , and that is
    what matters the most. Feel better and come back soon. From Germany fan.

  3. Neymar is a fantastic player. he has the potential to be the best and he
    could be the next Ronaldinho if he don’t do stupid act inside the pitch.
    It’s his first season in Barcelona and his still adopting .

  4. I’m getting a shirt with neymar on the back cuz I’m known as the skillster
    of ma club

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  6. Lol this guy thinks he’s a good player but he is not. He’s player in for
    one off the best teams in the world and he is not cut out for them…
    Saurez as a much better skills and way better at passesing and much better
    at geting goals 

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