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  1. Road to World Cup 2014 Brazil is finally back on ScoutNation! It is
    dedicated to show the very best players and ones to watch in the upcoming
    World Cup 2014 in Brazil! The eighth episode highlights the four time FIFA
    Ballon d’Or winner and 2nd leading goalscorer of all time in La Liga;
    Lionel Messi! I would very much appreciate it if you could like this video
    and share it around. Click here to skip the intro and go straight to the
    episode – 1:23

  2. According to WhoScored, ‘Aerial Duels’ is Messi’s only weakness. Headers
    won against opposition player (calculated by aerial duels).

  3. Cristiano video got to 1,000 likes! Can Messi get the same amount of love?
    Thanks for all the support! – SN

  4. What really makes me laugh are people who think Cristiano is a better
    player than Messi. Numbers prove that Messi is a much superior player and
    an efficient one too. I personally believe that numbers never tell the
    whole story but even then I still think Messi is far superior. Cristiano is
    great don’t get me wrong, to me his is momentarily the best player in the
    world but he is not better than Messi as an individual. Messi leads the
    world in goal scoring in the last 5 years, and he is second in assist too
    and guess who he is behind? Cristiano former teammate, Ozil. Messi is by
    far a better dribbler, goal scorer, passing, vision, creativity, IQ on and
    off the ball, doesn’t dive and is a far better team player. People claim
    that Messi has a better midfield to support him? Xavi is way out of his
    prime and Iniesta is the only player he has supporting him. Difference is
    that Messi creates his own goals as well provides them. On the other hand,
    Cristiano has Di Maria, Bale, Isco, Modric, Xabi Alonso all supporting him
    and these are “World Class” midfielders. Cristiano really isn’t much of a
    great player alone, he NEEDS a star midfield to succeed. Even at
    Manchester, he had Scholes and Giggs, followed by a great scorer, Tevez and
    Rooney, something Messi never had. In Portugal he has Moutinho. The game
    against Sweden, its sad that Cristiano gets all the credit, when all those
    goals were practical 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, any good goal scorer would
    have scored but the passes that he was given, were world class. Look at the
    highlights. Messi is also much more versatile player, he started out as a
    Right Winger than into a striker or centre forward, which is like a
    combination of a striker and a attacking midfielder. For Argentina, he is
    an attacking midfielder, and led the Qualifiers as the top goal scorer.
    Numbers or no numbers, Messi is a far superior player.

  5. this could’ve been more than 20 minutes long if he included his youth years
    in argentina and the WC 2010. And people say he’s bad for his country.
    Great work Lumix!

  6. Creian que iban ha hacer un video de Messi parado sin tocar el balón xD,
    hace tanto tiempo que es un don nadie con 4 balones que tienen que poner
    las escenas con el pelo largo para verlo jugar bien

  7. I’m really glad there are hardly any CR7 fanboys in the comments that just
    ruins everything tbh. Yeah CR7 great player but no where near as good as
    Messi is and will never be as good as Messi. Messi = G.O.A.T.
    Greatest. Of. All. Time
    And I know some people are going to say Pele because he won the World Cup
    but he was never really in that much of a competitive league in Brazil or
    in USA. Yeah Pele is 3rd. Messi, Maradona then Pele. I wouldn’t even say
    that CR7 is in the top 8 best players ever he would be lucky to get in the
    top 10. This isn’t because I don’t like him it’s because of stats and what
    he does on the pitch (how he acts/reacts) etc.

  8. Why do people watch this crap?? it’s only a fucking game?? I dont give a
    damn who win’s the world cup.

  9. Lol on the Ronaldo video, most people say Ronaldo is better, on this one
    most people say Messi is better…Well fan boys, just don’t hate, just
    appreciate both footballers, because were living in an era with these two
    monsters of the game. Both legends either way

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  11. Messi vs cr7 Mmm. Here goes messi is pure footballing talent, a natural who
    has no fear, is in my opinion better than maradonna due to the fact messi
    dribbles the ball past 4/5/6 players with consumate ease on a regular basis
    and doesn’t rely on look at me tricks to bamboozle opponents. His speed of
    thought, direction change and dribbling is mind blowing. How many times
    have 2/3
    Opposing players ended up on there ass trying to disposess him.
    His team work and assists as well as all the goals he bangs in. In my
    opinion make him the outright best player ever. Ronaldo stepover stepover
    stepover powershot and power header. He doesn’t take players on with the
    finesse and natural ability messi has. Cr7 works hard training on his
    tricks and power. He is a glory hunter who wants all the plaudits and
    crowns and trophies for breaking records. It’s not about the team winning
    the plaudits etc. messi has done all that but hasn’t set out to be just
    that. It’s happened because like pele and maradonna he is a natural
    footballer. He loves scoring for the team. Cr7 didn’t even have courtesy to
    shake messi ‘ hand the last time he won ballon d’or. That’s arrogance and
    the actions of someone who in fact is and always will be 2nd best to messi.
    But ribery shoulda won the last ballon d’or. He won 5 trophies with bayern
    and was there star player of the season. Cr7 was lucky. Messi 11 outta 10
    cr7 8 outta 10.

  12. Por Dios cuando vas a hacer un video de Juan Roman Riquelme ??? si te
    faltan videos para hacerlo pedimelos y te los paso

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