21 thoughts on “Lionel Messi – Argentina – Dribbling Compilation

  1. Messi nose lo que te paso en 2013 que cambiaste tanto Lio pero la seleccion
    te necesita para la final VOLVEEEEEEEEE…

  2. There is Copa I searched everywhere and the first part 0:17 – 1:27 is Copa
    America 2007. And near the end of the video I added a lot of Copa 2011 a
    few of 2009…and there is world cup qualifer material. There is Messi in
    the U-20 world cup and there is a few clips of the 2010 WC when Messi
    played agianst Germany…there is also clips of Messi in 2006 WC. 😉

  3. Ohh Ikr 🙁 I hope we win’s 2014 😛 and his other argentinian players
    improve…It’s hard to be a one man team 😛

  4. the attack is very good (messi,di maria, higuain, aguero,tevez…) now, and
    also have good midfielders but the defense isnt good enough

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