24 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Goals ● Argentina ● 2005-2014

  1. That commentator at the end couldnt be so right! Thank you god for letting
    me see such a player in my life time!

  2. Give Argentina credit. They managed to go to the Final with an unhealthy
    Sergio Aguero, and a not in form Higuain, and for the semi final and the
    final, an injured Di Maria. With all of that, they managed to go to the
    semi-final, beat Netherlands, and then limit Germany to 1 goal in extra
    time in a game which could have gone both ways. Messi has carried Argentina
    and created a lot of chances. Blame unhealthiness and Messi’s teammates.
    Messi deserved the Golden Ball.

  3. Weird how Messi just turned 27, everything he’s done already was out of his
    prime. In the next couple of years he’s gonna be at his peak. Damn, scary

  4. 4 goals, 1 assist, 4 MOTMs. He created more chances than ANY player in the
    tournament. He had the most interceptions as an attacker, Most successful
    dribbles, highest percentage of successful through balls and took his team

  5. Yea germany won and nobody can complain about that. But I think it would’ve
    been a way better story to tell if argentina won because germany has so
    many good or really good players and argentina had some good players and
    messi. Argentina were the underdogs no doubt and all messi needs is the win
    a WC and he’s just that much better

  6. what a video… i dont believe in god, i know our country sucks right now,
    im not a big “futbol” fan as i used to be, but man…. this video almost
    made me cry with those commentators. What a Player we have… i was able to
    watch every goal and let me tell you… you have to watch those match to
    understand how good those goals were, magic… (sry for my english)

  7. Some Messi haters said he can’t play good with argentine or without Xavi
    and Iniesta. Now they have seen, that he is able to Score from Long
    distance and can play with argentine without any Xavi Or Iniesta…. He is
    the best !!!

  8. Hey HeilRJ great compilation, i really like your videos. You should do a
    video for Marco Reus skills, Javier Pastore from PSG or maybe of Roma’s
    Francesco Totti. Keep that great work you have been doing!!! 

  9. Anything Messi and cr7 have and will do will never be as beautiful as the
    things Ronaldo and Ronaldinho did. *Tear*

  10. 5:23
    How do u describe that shot?
    I describe as brilliant shot that I never seen before.

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