Brazil vs Colombia 1-0 2014 All Goals & Highlights (HD) ~ Neymar Free Kick goal vs Colombia

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25 Responses to “Brazil vs Colombia 1-0 2014 All Goals & Highlights (HD) ~ Neymar Free Kick goal vs Colombia”

  1. Football Daily News Says:

    Mute The Sound! SORRY! not My problem! 

  2. Abs ReeF Says:

    Colombia and the largest animal fucking football, still want to justify why
    they lost, sorry but a goal from Brazil was canceled by the referee error

  3. sowhat sowhat Says:

    take that Zuninga


    Masterwork! From master Neymar to the world. Rodriguez could take some
    lessons from a real skilled player as Neymar. He is 22 years old and
    already a star while Rodriguez is slightly older 23 years old and trying to
    reach the big boys. He still has a long way to go, don’t get me
    wrong Rodriguez is a good player who had a few good games in the world cup
    (against low rate teams) but other than that he still has a lot to proof.
    By the way why Rodriguez didn’t play yesterday????………..Oh! He did
    play? Well, then you got my point right there. No more to say.

  5. KING Michael 11 Says:

    we played crap

  6. jydaflyest Says:

    I kinda feel bad for Colombia’s goalie, Ospina. First, he gets burned by
    David Luiz in the World Cup, and now he’s burned by Neymar. He couldn’t
    stop a Brazilian free kick to save his life.

  7. exortor Says:

    That goal would be better if it was actually a free kick. that handball
    never existed tbh.

  8. MTPacker MT Says:

    Neymar batedor de penalidades e faltas pro Barcelona urgente! Eles não
    sabem o que estão perdendo!

  9. Roman Havel Says:


  10. Ne ReisUS Says:

    Colombia – bunch of wild animals who once again did all they could to hurt
    and harm this fantastic player called Neymar
    Coward Colombian players, bunch of sob
    What did Colombia want to prove with this abusive vilolence against a
    fantastic player called Neymar just 2 months after a WC where they almost
    ended his career? I suppose they wanted to finish the job. Coward low lives
    cocaine punks!

  11. mathmastercubic Says:

    Amazing Goal, Shitty Sound.

  12. Polash Arfin Says:

    Share video:Brazil vs Colombia 1-0 2014 All Goals & Highlights (HD) ~
    Neymar Free Kick goal vs Colombia – YouTube Brazil vs Colombia 1-0 2014 All
    Goals & Highlights (HD) ~ Neymar Free Kick goal vs Colombia ——by @UC

  13. Oscar Pinto Says:

    70.000 people yelling clown at the same time! Haha only in a Neymar game.
    He fucks up the show completely. I think he should watch videos of Ronaldo,
    Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos if he wants to learn what it is to play
    soccer as a gentleman. Not faking faults … Not cheating… But playing

  14. Sly Roman Says:

    Nada es más delicado que una mariposa ….Y neymar jajajaaa

  15. Oscar Pinto Says:

    I went to the game. Neimar sucks. He has no level to be in professional
    soccer. He is more like a cheater and some annoying idiot who is always
    faking faults making the entire game boring. 70.000 people think you are a
    clown Neymar… You are literally the most boring player ever. Ronaldo,
    messi and other great players never had to use that shit to win a game.
    Cuadrado was the man of the match…

  16. Campbell Ewin Says:


  17. Leo Moreno Says:

    Great goal, great technique!

  18. Чемпионат Says:

    Гол Неймара принёс Бразилии победу над Колумбией

  19. curtis Yg jackson Says:

    Brazil vs Colombia 1-0 2014 All Goals & Highlight…:

  20. princessa Butler Says:


  21. david davidss Says:

    neymar is the 4 best player in the world after messi, iniesta and suarez

  22. J-Y-DESIGN Says:


  23. Happy Sckash Says:

    Beautiful free kick

  24. MateusBoom Beach Says:

    Neymar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> James

  25. Canal GolesDeFifa Says: